Bake Sale

Bake Sale
©2011 Shana Aisenberg
I’m having a bake sale, must raise some cash
To pay for my health care, as benefits are slashed
I’ve already been to five bake sales this week
My blood sugar levels are starting to peak!

A State Rep from Merrimack, she has the answer
Here’s what to do, if you get cancer
Just have a bake sale to pay for treatment
your neighbors will rally, a hundred percent

let’s have a bake sale, bake sale, sell cookies and treats
bake sale, bake sale, life will be so sweet
bake sale, bake sale, the American way
bake sale, bake sale, everything is gonna be OK!

Let’s have a yard sale, sell all our stuff
We’re having some hard times, it’s getting tough
To raise enough money to pay all our bills
Gotta choose between eating, or buying these pills

Insurance premiums rising each year
They could cancel your policy any time, I fear
Or deny coverage for doctors and drugs
But no need to worry, you can be cured with hugs!


Look at the credit card bill that came last week
Open the envelope and take a peak
The interest rate’s tripled to 50 percent
It’d take years to pay off, at minimum payment

I went to my church for charity
but the church was full of people like me
Nobody could help, we’re all in the same mess
This recession has everyone feeling depressed


I had a bake sale, didn’t sell much
Everyone’s broke, and I’m out of luck
My neighbors are having their own bake sales too
I really don’t know what we’re gonna do

We need a bail out, just like Wall Street
The banks, General Motors, and AIG
We have been robbed, isn’t it funny
That they suggest bake sales, for us to raise money